a sunday in the lower third of the casa

we had a very busy day today! i think i must've been in a manic sort of mood, because i woke up wicked hungover. my bike is still over in inman because i started riding home and realized there was a good chance i wouldn't make it. ended up taking the front wheel off, locking the frame and rear wheel up, and catching a cab. i don't think i've been that hammered in awhile.

christina and i started the day at christopher's in porter, then to the hardware store and grocery store. i was whiny and tired and my feet hurt, so i made us take a cab home.

tasty treats were in order, so i whipped up some blondies from the most recent cook's illustrated. kate had made some earlier in the weekend, which came out really good. mine came out good-ish; i think maybe using salted instead of unsalted butter was a poor decision on my part. but, they sure looked good (before and after!):

tasty blondie browniestasty brownies cooling

while the blondies were baking, i worked in the yard for a bit. naturally, i wore my special gardening gear - hat and clogs, yo!!
me in my special gardening hat my special red gardening clogs new garden growth

the garden is looking pretty decent - it's a little sparse as things take root and begin to grow, but i am psyched that my black bearded irises have blooms forming, my poker primroses (Primula vialli) are kicking ass, and my veronica (Veronica spicata 'Red Fox') are also budding.

i started the charcoal and made an easy-peasy yet tasty marinade for chicken and onions from the most recent issue of martha stewart living. before and after!! :

marinating chicken tasty barbecued chicken

our kitchen windows haven't had any curtains since we moved in, and i'm tired of worrying that the neighbors see me in my undies making coffee in the morning. i thought it would be nice to make half-curtains, so we can still get natural light and run around in towels without offending anyone.

i bought one large, tabbed curtain, measured it, and then cut it up to be re-structured into two curtains with no tabs and minimal hemming on my part. i also didn't have white thread, so i just used handy fusible webbing with my iron and added ribbon detailing: two layers of metallic ribbon and one of piped grosgrain per stripe. the more translucent ribbon really needed two layers for the intensity of shiny color i wanted. we're pretty happy with the results.
new curtains a detail of the ribbon

tonight, i'll put the ribbon on the other curtain. it's always amazing how much time seeminly 'simple' projects can take. fortunately, everyone's favorite movie, the fast and the furious was on tv, so i was entertained.

then it was bedtime. whew.


scoutie said...

i have never been so jealous of your cable. seriously. even law and order like 24 hours a day isn't as good as the fast and the furious.

(although, i suppose it could have been on network... how would i know? i was working. that was the shift with the drunk homeless man lying on our outdoor bench with his dick hanging out of his pants and piss all over himself. good times.)

Pandora said...

I love your gardening hat. Where did you get it? I need one. I'm not supposed to get sun on any part of my head.

I thought of you this morning, because I had a dream that I accidentally became a vampire and had to pull up half the flowers in my garden so I could replace them with night-blooming varieties like moon flowers. I knew you would appreciate how traumatic that would be.

Your garden looks lovely. I can't wait to see it in person.

....you were kidding about the fast and the furious, right?