rhinestone cowboy

silicone+rhinestones+car=happy scoutie!i started gluing rhinestones onto my car last week. yeah that's right, i said 'started'. as in i'm not finished yet. i suspect gluing things onto my car will be a never-ending project.

why? why am i arting out my car? if you have to ask why, i can't explain it to you. no one wants to lose their car in a parking lot (and that's a small part of my motivation) but there's something magical about driving around a car that i think looks beautiful. so i thought i'd make her as shiny and sparkly as possible. we've got a long way to go, but here's the beginning.

driver's side

check out my wicked cool hood ornament.
hood ornament

luckily enough, now i have somewhere to drive my car: work. i'll be taking over management of the west roxbury j.p. licks as of july 4th. no more 7-minute-walk commutes for me.

  • it's unlikely i'll have to call the cops in westie because of a homeless man lying on our front bench with his dick out and pee all over himself (mainly because there's no bench in front of the store, but also because west roxbury just isn't that kind of place. to be clear, west roxbury is very different than roxbury, in fact the two towns don't even abut. does abut has one t or two? i don't know... but west roxbury is basically south brookline as far as i understand, which means it's physically way nicer than davis square but the people are a lot more snotty)
  • i get to be bossy without feeling too guilty (that's a pleasure i may have been waiting my whole life for!)
  • i get my own ibook for work. i don't get to keep it, but it's still pretty neat
  • and i will hopefully be able to get thomas, the j.p. licks handyman, to come over and fix various issues around the store (which means he'll bring his power tools and i'll get to help him)
  • west roxbury is really really really far away
  • i may get eaten by the surly teenagers who work there (i worked in westie with a few teenage girls recently - for the first time i understood what my mom meant when she repeated the following phrase to me as a teenager: "it's not what you say, it's how you say it." i'd like to take this time to apologize to my mom for being a teenage girl with an attitude problem. sorry, mom!)
  • and the biggest disadvantage: i love the davis square store and staff, and it's going to be very sad to leave it for 2 months. but it's only 2 months and it will be quite a challenge to (mostly) run my own store
please come visit me in west roxbury, even though the store is basically in dedham and might as well be on the other side of the world. please!


bandit said...

i am quite happy that you have taken your bedazzling skills to a whole new level!!

agaffin said...

Ah, but beware the Fruits and Veggies gang now running wild through the streets of Westie (although I'm not sure they have their mommas' permission to cross to the JP Licks side of the parkway).

Pandora said...

Congrats on your bossitude, scoutie. I'll have to travel to westie to visit you (since the one time I went to the Davis one you weren't working). Don't worry about the commute...you'll get used to it fast, and it's only temporary.

Pandora said...

P.S. I love your sparkly car.

wonder_girl said...


Anonymous said...

Mum would be so proud! Of her (former) car, and seeing the light about snotty teenage *tone!*
I can't wait to see the bedazzling-yes I stole from you bandit-car next weekend when we all come visit. Yay! Hanging out with scoutie, I can't wait!

kathryn said...

your car Rul3z0rZ.

also: 6 comments on a blog entry?!? kick-ass & take names, scoutie.

Jen14221 said...

Wow! I wanted to do that to my X-terra (and use a cool Fisher Price Little Person as my hood ornament) but my husband said no way.
If I were still in Boston I would come over and help you; I have a ton of little embellishments that would make your car look super cool.