beach time!

today, erika and i took the day off from work and went on a little adventure to singing beach. we took the commuter rail and got off at manchester by the sea, then 'followed the crowd' to the beach! it really is a nice beach, and the sand more squeaks than sings. but it certainly is novel. we went to the 'other' end of the beach where there was more space than people, and i got pretty sunburned.

i think next time we'll bring more ladies and an umbrella and maybe a nice little picnic with fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes. maybe some pasta salad...

fortunately we remembered my polaroid big swinger camera, and took old timey beach pictures.
more singing beacherika and kathryn at singing beach

there were some super, super nice houses out there - they even had a bandstand in the commons; it seemed like a really pretty yet potentially weird place to live. too perfect? i guess i can just imagine living there and being trapped.

everyone on the beach was so tanned and toned and perfect looking. it's only within the last few years that i've felt so self-conscious at the beach.

but here's something weird: i've never wished i had a tan before, and i did on friday. this person i dated recently...i'm not really his type, i don't think. he talks about liking pretty little blondes who go to the beach and hang out on the vineyard and nantucket. and god; i've always been so confident in myself. and for the first time in a long time, i thought maybe things would have been different if i'd been different - more normal? it's not a 'real wish' - i don't think there's any logic, or that things would have actually worked. but it's just this nagging little thing inside of me that i can't seem to shake.


Pandora said...

I *love* singing beach. Thanks for showing the pictures. I love the old-timey ones.

When we were there a couple of weeks ago I kept thinking about the commuter train that runs right to that town, and how a person could live there by the beach and still be functionally close to town.

Tans are overrated, although when I'm there I am always overcome with the desire to have a 16-year-old body with a nice, flat, never-had-a-baby belly. I think it's normal to think those things at the beach...

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how some comment that someone makes, they probably never knew they even made, can have a long lasting rippling effect?

Well, I live on Nantucket now, (and used to live in Salem, and go to singing beach all the time) so come out here, and you can be one of those Vineyard/Nantucket girls, and say *nyah, nyah* to that person.