i have reached the pinnacle of geekdom!

so, as many of y'all know, shayne and i have been "playing a little warcraft". we share a level 36 Paladin named Viskey (after a funny typo the pharmacist made on some medecine for shayne's cat). we periodically yell out such gems as "WILLOW PANTS OF THE MONKEY!!"

we have a guild, and some of our "guildies" are ten, or youger. which is good, because warcraft changes all of your cusses into &^%$#@!

we have a pet kitten in the bank, safely stowed in a carrier.

and we have a very generous benefactor who occasionally buys us trinkets and bad-ass armor.

but if all of this isn't geeky enough -- we have reached a new height! yessiree folks. we trolled another warcraft player on youtube.

i am a little ashamed. but stand by what i said. shaman's wear dresses and thus will never be truly menacing.


tis the season...

most of you know that the holiday season tends to leave me cranky and annoyed at the world. look at my holiday post from last year. it's just not my thing.

but this year i am more grateful than most. and perhaps a wee bit more emotional.

and sometimes there is a small part of the holiday season that touches me in an odd way.

this year, i found that small thing.

this year it was the runaway reindeer.

it made my small heart grow three sizes.