an update from kitty pancakes

so here's a little list of tidbits.

  • my dad likes the movie 'ever after' with drew barrymore. that is the cutest thing ever.
  • i am still coughing gross shit up, and having a hard time dealing with the rest of my life when i feel so crappy.
  • just bought tickets to chicago to visit lisa. SO excited. i'll be missing halloween with friends, but i never go anywhere, and this is exciting.
  • our couches are coming next week!
  • i need a new bike. my bottom bracket is shot, and so is my rear hub.
  • ky "touch warming body massage" commercials are fucking awful. am i the only one who is grossed out by being massaged all over with lube? ughhhhh.
  • i am not, however, opposed to backrubs. which i love.
  • penelope has been particularly snuggly lately, which has been nice as i've been sick.
  • i love 'ever after' too. tee-hee!


so, the lower half is home sick today.

holy jesus, i have been coughing up the grossest shit ever. i've gone through a half-box of kleenex (puffs with lotion to pamper my nostrils) in just 12 hours. it sounds like i have consumption or something. AND i left all this stuff half-done at work that's totally stressing me because i was supposed to have it done already. argh...


shayne has been a blog slacker.

i've been busy, too. but when it's 1:30am on a week night and you can't sleep, the night seems endless. so i thought i would use some of that godforsaken time to blog. here's a list of things i learned this week:
  • my computer science professor owes me approximately $240. she's cancelled three (of four!) class sessions this semester.
  • tom jones (the novel by henry fielding, not the well-endowed welshman) is extremely entertaining. 18th century brit lit=fun!
  • henry james once condescendingly called sarah orne jewett's country of the pointed firs a 'beautiful little quantum of achievement'. sarah orne jewett lives on the shelf next to henry james in the library. i hope ms. jewett's books beat the shit of mr. james' books every night.
  • i can still (almost) lose it when speaking words that really matter in front of other people. writing class is making me mental as well as contributing to an insomniac state.
  • i'm (really) stressed out. why am i always the last to figure this one out?
and finally, i learned not to blog when you're suffering from insomnia. it makes for some dreary stuff.


katherine has been a blog slacker.

so i've been a little busy, and i feel that i have been neglecting the blog a little. in honor of that, in true kathryn-style, here's a list of things i learned this week:

  • petey pees sitting down when there is somebody outside who might be listening.
  • the HVAC guys come out really quickly to fix the air conditioning when you say "i don't think you understand! it's 85 degrees in the Bombs & Arson department. do you realize how dangerous that is?!?"
  • i like my job a lot more when the boss is gone and i get to be in charge. i meet more people. have more fun. and feel more confident.
  • if you act like a kid, the *actual* kids will tell you all the things they don't want to tell the "grown ups". i now know what is written on the bathroom wall of the girls bathroom in Maynard.
  • Mitt Romney is trying to put together a proposition to have mandatory drug testing of all high school students in massachusetts. i hypothesize two things: we will see a huge influx of cash into our Drugs department, and Mitt Romney will never be president.
  • my good friends in New Orleans are safe and evacuated to Houston. i am still not sure about the rest of the people i know down there, but they are in my thoughts all the time.
  • the blogger spell check does not know the word "blog".
  • and finally, today is my friend Jonah's birthday. jonah once gave all of the money from his youth group treasury, which was supposed to go to buy food, to a bunch of cheerleaders who were doing a fundraising drive. happy birthday jonah. may your day be full of cheerleaders!


i'll spare you the loud, off-key, singing...

happy bday jessamyn today is my sisters birthday. happy birthday jessamyn! she's quite the little spitfire, and has been a huge influence on my life. jessamyn taught me how to shave my legs, and how to pierce my nose. we have traveled to Alaska together in the dead of winter, and on one of those trips she helped me set my broken thumb on xmas day. we have also been to the British Virgin Islands, Canada, Tijuana, Romania & Hungary, and an exciting trip cross country in a white Ford F150 with a quad cab that we dubbed "The Hooptymobile". when we were younger, she offered to give me a piggyback ride home after i had cracked my jaw falling out of a tree. and when we were older i a got to return the favor by tracking her down a mocha latte after she was in a bad car accident. we share a love of good cheddar cheese, esoteric non-fiction, and the color orange.cake donei can't imagine what life would be like without her. i admire her, i respect her, and she is one of the few people who can make me laugh so hard that i hyperventilate. thanks for being a great big sister, Jess. happy birthday.