shayne has been a blog slacker.

i've been busy, too. but when it's 1:30am on a week night and you can't sleep, the night seems endless. so i thought i would use some of that godforsaken time to blog. here's a list of things i learned this week:
  • my computer science professor owes me approximately $240. she's cancelled three (of four!) class sessions this semester.
  • tom jones (the novel by henry fielding, not the well-endowed welshman) is extremely entertaining. 18th century brit lit=fun!
  • henry james once condescendingly called sarah orne jewett's country of the pointed firs a 'beautiful little quantum of achievement'. sarah orne jewett lives on the shelf next to henry james in the library. i hope ms. jewett's books beat the shit of mr. james' books every night.
  • i can still (almost) lose it when speaking words that really matter in front of other people. writing class is making me mental as well as contributing to an insomniac state.
  • i'm (really) stressed out. why am i always the last to figure this one out?
and finally, i learned not to blog when you're suffering from insomnia. it makes for some dreary stuff.


CUSH said...

would it make you happy if I came and got ice cream on Sunday?

scoutie said...

nothing would make me happier. i get to work at 6pm.

bandit said...

*nothing* would make you happier...? how about the fact that i just ordered us the new family guy DVD?!?

hang in there, kid.

scoutie said...

okay that makes me much happier.

cush loses to the fat animated guy. ha.

kathryn said...

oh, i am a huge fan of tom jones' work - he is a really snappy musician. "it's not unusual" is one of my all-time faves!!