katherine has been a blog slacker.

so i've been a little busy, and i feel that i have been neglecting the blog a little. in honor of that, in true kathryn-style, here's a list of things i learned this week:

  • petey pees sitting down when there is somebody outside who might be listening.
  • the HVAC guys come out really quickly to fix the air conditioning when you say "i don't think you understand! it's 85 degrees in the Bombs & Arson department. do you realize how dangerous that is?!?"
  • i like my job a lot more when the boss is gone and i get to be in charge. i meet more people. have more fun. and feel more confident.
  • if you act like a kid, the *actual* kids will tell you all the things they don't want to tell the "grown ups". i now know what is written on the bathroom wall of the girls bathroom in Maynard.
  • Mitt Romney is trying to put together a proposition to have mandatory drug testing of all high school students in massachusetts. i hypothesize two things: we will see a huge influx of cash into our Drugs department, and Mitt Romney will never be president.
  • my good friends in New Orleans are safe and evacuated to Houston. i am still not sure about the rest of the people i know down there, but they are in my thoughts all the time.
  • the blogger spell check does not know the word "blog".
  • and finally, today is my friend Jonah's birthday. jonah once gave all of the money from his youth group treasury, which was supposed to go to buy food, to a bunch of cheerleaders who were doing a fundraising drive. happy birthday jonah. may your day be full of cheerleaders!

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smothra said...

Ok, first of all, I didn't give all of the money away to the Cheerleaders. We still ate pretty well that weekend.

Second, in my defense, they were really cute. At least that's the way I choose to remember it so please don't spoil that.

Anyway, thanks for the public well wishing. I am now an old, old man.