an update from kitty pancakes

so here's a little list of tidbits.

  • my dad likes the movie 'ever after' with drew barrymore. that is the cutest thing ever.
  • i am still coughing gross shit up, and having a hard time dealing with the rest of my life when i feel so crappy.
  • just bought tickets to chicago to visit lisa. SO excited. i'll be missing halloween with friends, but i never go anywhere, and this is exciting.
  • our couches are coming next week!
  • i need a new bike. my bottom bracket is shot, and so is my rear hub.
  • ky "touch warming body massage" commercials are fucking awful. am i the only one who is grossed out by being massaged all over with lube? ughhhhh.
  • i am not, however, opposed to backrubs. which i love.
  • penelope has been particularly snuggly lately, which has been nice as i've been sick.
  • i love 'ever after' too. tee-hee!


Marcelo Daniel said...

Hope yer feeling better dear.

Simon said...

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