pretend pregnancies and poop

so apparently, penelope has been having trouble pooping because she thinks she's pregnant. i took her to the vet, and she is having a false pregnancy: he went to squeeze her "swollen mammaries" to see if there was milk. i'm standing there thinking "no fuckin' way does she have milk", but sure enough, two little droplets came out.

then we were talking about how pumpkin was working to keep things moving inside of her. he rubbed her tummy, looked at me, and said "yep! there's poop in there!".

we're getting her spayed in two weeks. in the meantime, she will nest, produce milk, and have to have metamucil with her kitty kibble to keep her 'regular'. what the hell is it with the casa and cats? i blame kate and scoutie - i don't know how, i don't know what they did, but i know it was them.

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bandit said...

yay! for once *my* cat isn't the craziest!!