and i'm back on the road...!

licenseSo after meeting with my neurologist yesterday, i finally got my "loss of consciousness" form signed for the RMV. and i got my damn license reinstated. for those of you who don't know, i have epilepsy, which requires me to get cleared by Medical Affairs at the RMV before i am allowed to get my license. the annoyance of this whole thing is that i have to get the L.O.C. form signed which basically states that i *never* lose consciousness. the RMV is a bunch of dimwits, who made an epilepsy policy which i must adhere to, but which in essence doesn't apply to me. they make me sign an affidavit about when my last seizure was. which, given that i don't have convulsions, is a bit of a crapshoot. my neurologist and i agreed on a date that we pulled out of thin air, and i swore to it. the RMV forces me to lie.

but my license is back. the grannnymobile, my smooth ride, is working and back on the road. and i feel whole again.

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kathryn said...

you look awful cute with bangs, kate!