the perfect summer day

oh, man. there are some summer days that are just fabulous, and yesterday was one of them.

we went to a fun party on saturday night in allston, and then pete, alex and i headed to quincy to see becky ride in a horse show!!! she looked terrific, and she and the horse she rode, mambo, won two first places and one second. it was wicked hot and sweaty out, but we got to poke around the barn and pet horses and smell the barn smell.

if anyone would like to get me something, i would like biscuit, the pony up above. if you visit my flickr page, you will see this photo. if you cannot in fact acquire biscuit the pony for the betterment of the casa, i would love it if you photoshopped me into the picture riding biscuit instead of the currently shown rider.

after the horse show, we got some tasty pizza and headed to walden pond for the most perfect swimming ever. the only thing that could've made the day better was ice cream - and oh yeah, we did that too.

P6260030 P6260036


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