new steps when i first bought my house, within a week or two the front porch, a huge 2-story number, started falling off the house. it was roped off, demolished, and a new porch was built. the first thing i did on my new porch was jump up and down on it really hard. i wanted to feel how solid it was, and to convince myself that the money was well spent on a lasting piece of architecture. eight years later and the porch is still standing. a few months ago my homeowners insurance warned me that if i didn't replace my side landing and steps, they were going to revoke my insurance. i can't blame them. the side landing was a rotting liability. it was surprisingly hard to find somebody to replace it. contractors and porch builders didn't want the job because it was too small. but carpenters and handymen didn't want the job because it was too big. months went by and i cringed every time i had to walk on the stairs. then, just last week, i called a man recommended by Peter & Brenda. not only did he want the job, he could do it immediately. within a few days the old landing was gone and a new structure in it's place. it's gorgeous. pressure treated base with a fir top. these steps will last. and yes, the first thing i did was jump on them.

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