busy busy bees


well, it was another busy sunday at the casa. kate and i put black plastic down in the backyard to smother the remaining weeds. no rain, no sun, no air - dead!!! i'm committed to using environmentally friendly methods to control the weeds, but i just don't have the time and patience to hand pull all the weeds. as you can see, we've included a 'before and after' picture. in two - three weeks, hopefully all the weeds and their little seeds will be dried up, withered, and dead. and then: it's roto-tiller time.

P6190084 P6190088

kate clipped the weeds to the ground so the plastic would lay a little flatter, and i demonstrated my (patent pending) method for opening yard waste bags. i think she was impressed.
P6190087 P6190086

we used brick fragments and grocery bags filled with gravel from the casa driveway to weigh down the plastic. it took a lot of time, but i think it will work out in the long run. kate and i felt terrific after working outside all day - i know we'll both be sore tomorrow, but it was a fun afternoon and now i'm the good kinda tired.

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