an update from the lower half.

it's been craptastic for the past four weekends - gardening is near impossible. i'm about to head out to weed a small, manageable portion of the backyard so i can start popping perennials in tomorrow - assuming those little fuckers are still alive.
i've been feeling pretty damn domestic lately - a friend came over last night while i baked a strawberry rhubarb pie. which reminds me: the next time we have a warm evening, i am barbecuing come hell or high water.

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Pandora said...

I've been gardening in a raincoat and boots. It's been sucky. Interestingly, this weekend was supposed to suck more than all the others, but it's been fairly nice. I finished my shade garden (cheered on by wonder girl) and the idiot has almost single-handedly finished the patio, even though he had to chop through a 3-inch mat of maple roots.

I'd love to see le jardin du casa when it's finished.

Next weekend I'm finishing the sun garden.