a quiet evening upstairs at the casa...

chicken dancing chickenin honor of what, we hope, will be the last cold snap of this bitter Spring, we decided to do one last bit of winter cooking. scoutie and i headed out in the apocalyptic weather to buy provisions, then came home, turned the heat on, and fired up the oven. with recipes provided by Mark Bittman, we slathered a chicken with butter and herbs and roasted it. we also made a melee of mixed vegetables (baby bliss potatoes, baby carrots, a huge mess of shallots, and a whopping lot of garlic) and roasted those as well. some fresh crusty bread rounded it out, and we had a winter meal fit for a king.

cupcakeswe also wanted some sort of tasty desert, but were feeling a little lazy about making one. so, in a step that i almost never do, we bought some cake mix and some frosting, and made cupcakes. we amused ourselves for almost an hour with my embarrassingly large collection of cake decorating supplies by making some quite colorful and artistic cupcakes.

we then ate so much that we both felt sick.

my final thought of the night, as i was cleaning up the kitchen, was to wonder if maybe i should save the chicken carcass to lob up at the pigeons. they appear to have made it through the storm just fine.

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