Casa Highland is going to Dollywood!

That's right kids! Scoutie and I are leaving the broken cats behind and taking a road trip to Pigeon Forge, TN to experience the wonders of the great smoky mountains!

Why Dollywood, you ask? Are you some kind of closet country-western fanatic?

Why not Dollywood, we answer! Admit it, some little part of you has always wanted to go, since the time you were a little girl (or boy) playing dress up and putting socks in your mothers bra to pretend you had knockers.

Expected Departure: May 15th

Expected Return: Assuming the car doesn't die, Scoutie doesn't kill me, we don't get arrested, and I don't break sometime, we'll be back somewhere around May 21st

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jessamyn said...

Baby Pigeon Forge!