last weekend, i finally planted my perennials in the casa garden. the backyard used to be full of weeds, and i've gotten it mostly under control using non-pesticide based methods - "mostly" is the operative word. i laid out a bed, weeded it completly, and double-dug it, adding in 6 bags of compost and peat moss.
c and i planted everything in the afternoon. i'm so pleased! less than a week later, one of my siberian irises is about to bloom; the heuchera has small blooms, and my two viola varieties are also popping little buds. the most comforting thing, though, is that i can see new growth tips on almost all of the plants - which means they are settling in and will hopefully be growing well.
i'll try and post pictures tomorrow - there are some parties to hit up and boys to chat up tonight. boo-ya!!!!

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I have posted some of
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