god bless pittston!

sunday, may 15th -- leaving somerville.


we got a good start out of somerville and hit the road around 2:00 pm. after quick stops to buy some snacks and get some gas, we hit the road armed with more triple-A guidebooks then we knew what to do with. most of the first part of our journey was a little uneventful. somewhere around CT i remarked to scoutie that we had seen surprisingly little to no roadkill. apparently this was the wrong thing to say. within five minutes we drove past a newly dead deer, and from then on it was nothing but dead animals everywhere we went. we've been keeping a list, and will share the full dead-animal count upon our return. but i will say that so far the dead animals are beating the live animals 2:1.

our plan for the night was to make it into Scranton, which i am happy to say we did. we even decided to push it a little further, and wound up in Pittston, PA. pittston miight be the saddest place in the world. it hovers around the interchange of a few highways and seems to be there for no reason but to welcome weary travelers. although at first it wasn't too welcoming. we went to the oh-so-shabby Kinghts Inn first. i am pretty sure they thought we were lesbians. amazingly hostile, and we decided it might be in our best interest not to sleep there. so we hustled across the street to the Super 8. a better shabby motel can not be found! they were friendly, clean, and the beds were bouncy. we had a back terrace (okay, sort of a vacant lot behind the hotel) where we could watch the sun go down. dinner was a mad-dash across the six lane highway to the Perkins Friendly Restaurant. good basic food, then back to bed.

okay, we have a confession to make. we timed this whole first leg around wanting to be in bed and watching tv in time for the Law & Order: Criminal Intent and the Crossing Jordan's season finales. and DAMNIT it was worth it!


four states in our first day. not too shabby!

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