tales from the front lines...

Just a brief update to recount all of the exciting things that have been going on at the Casa. Here are the highlights of the week so far:

  • Scoutie and I both came down with strep throat over the weekend. This makes it her third time this year, and my second. When I was a kid, I was a strep carrier. Without getting sick myself I apparently managed to give it to my sister over and over and over again. Let me just say, having recently gone through the misery -- I AM VERY SORRY JESSAMYN!
  • I have been working back at HLS. My title this week is "scribe", and they refer to me as such. Technically I am helping disabled students take tests. They dictate, I type. And type. And type. Six hours a day, all I do is type. Yesterday I realized the bitter irony that the scribe is actually more disabled than a lot of the disabled students. I would feel great if I helped some kid with no arms go on to be a lawyer. But there is something inherently ignoble about a gimpy scribe typing for a kid who's just too lazy to type their own paper.
  • Trixie attempted to go over the wall today. Actually, she got over the wall. She managed to squeeze her fat butt through the railing to get onto the tiny ledge on the edge of my porch. Where she quickly realized that she was screwed and couldn't get back. Scoutie managed to save her. I view it all as a cry for help.
  • And finally an update on the pigeon wars. So far, they seem to be winning. While Scoutie and I are unwilling to admit defeat, I will admit that I am not quite as bloodthirsty as I should be. They seem to have nested. And while I feel just fine declaring war on some adult pigeons, apparenty I draw the line at baby pigeon killing. Meanwhile, they seem to have no qualms about attacking with a vengeance. One flew into the window recently, I believe in an attempt to draw first blood.
Five more days until we go to Dollywood!

**does a little happy dance**

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