Crazy cat lady...

My friends often refer to me as the crazy cat lady. The casa is overrun with cats, although I think we are stil safely within the N+1 equation. Four people, four cats.

Boo Radley is the oldest kitty in the house. I have had him for eight years, which puts him in the crotchety old man category. He's very pair-bonded with me, and whenever I am home is frequently no further than three feet from me. He is my own little Daemon.


Since I speak about the cats often, here is the run down on Boo -- he's missing most of his teeth, which have all been removed by the vet. He is left with one front fang and a couple of molars, which gives him a snaggle-toothed look. He gets urinary crystals, which means he gets special food and also spends an amazing amount of time licking his genitals. He also vomits a lot.

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