cat chronicles - day 1.

so i don't think a cat has ever despised me as much as whiskey, and i suspect that by the week's end, i will be associated with kitty-burritos and pilling. poor thing - i haven't heard sounds like that in a long, long time. and i've never had to pry kitty eyelids open for eye drops - i wasted like 4. (hi scoutie! sorry!)
even boo gave me a weird look, and wouldn't come near me for a few minutes like i wasn't trusted. but then we snuggled.


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scoutie said...

rottie, you're the bestest! don't worry about miss whisk, she always makes those sounds when being medicated. and she's just dumb enough that she'll forget about it shortly after and love you all over again.

aw, i miss my kitties. thanks again, kathryn!