meanwhile, back at the homestead....

this weekend, all the perennials languishing in pots were planted. i added six bags of compost and double-dug a nice bed in the backyard. the rest of the yard still needs to get weeded (again), but i did dig out a whole bunch of japanese knotweed. if the spawn of the devil was a plant, it'd be knotweed.

really this week has been quiet at the casa - i watched law and order in scoutie and masie's apartment last night while i played with kitties. or, kitty: boo. whiskey and trixie have no use for me, but the pilling/drops went very smoothly. boo loves, whisky and trixie hate.

and i had a meatball sub. and washed the dishes.

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bandit said...

i am sort of suprised that trixie wasn't rubbing her dirty bum all over you!

thanks again, kathryn!!