a weekend of bikes

so, this weekend continued the 'summer of fun' theme pretty well. friday night i pedaled out to a housewarming party in roxbury.

on the way there, i paused to ask a guy on the street where i could find a liquor store. he directed me two blocks away and two blocks down, and then paused: "but, you know, it's not a white neighborhood..." i didn't know how to respond, he looked amused [it's important to note that he was a black man]. i nodded and said "i'm ok with that". he laughed and said good luck, and i headed off down shawmut to the "two brothers liquor store", right next to the "black men's club". i guess black folks worry about / don't want white folks in their neighborhoods. just like white folks can be assholes about black folks in 'their' neighborhoods.

i don't know; race relations are really strange sometimes and i wonder if we'll ever all get settled with each other. i actually gave that interaction a lot of thought - and you know, i have friends who would have opted for a liquor store somewhere else in a white neighborhood. god life is weird sometimes.

anyhow, nutshell: the party friday was fun, and i got pretty totalled. i was described as being in "rare form" when i showed up at the middle east later in the night.

saturday christina and i went to another housewarming barbecue, and i rode with SCUL on saturnight. it was my first mission this season, and my ship, TrezBonz was a little too big for me. i couldn't get it started going uphill, and almost ended up in tears at one point. i'm glad i stuck with it, and riding that beastie proved important the next day during girl's ride.

oppo and gluteus maximus and i went on a 25-ish mile ride. and skinny dipping in the cambridge reservoir. and then we ate at friendly's. there was only one hill i couldn't make it up, and for those hills i did conquer, i just kept reminding myself of how much 'easier' this was than riding trezbonz and that if i did a 10 mile ride on that, i could certainly do 25 on my own fixed gear.

sunday, i had erika and carrie over for some tasty barbecue. we had a nice time sitting on the porch and catching up. i then headed to teele square for a game of kickball with my dear friend cobi and her girlfriend's co-workers from darwin's. we ate some redbones ribs, then i did some weeding at the casa before biking over to watch fireworks with becky, pete and alex on the mass ave bridge. we ran into some SCUL pilots, had a good time, went to charlie's, and finally, home.


Pandora said...

Is that you in the bone suit?

kathryn said...

heh. nope....that's an old picture of another pilot.