penelope is a year old

and to celebrate, i had a small ladies cupcakes and tea party. christina made cupcakes, iced tea and iced coffee, and i whipped up some icing. we got the necessary party accoutrements: hats, streamers and a birthday banner to make the casa a little more festive.

penelope was less than interested in partying, preferring to hide under my bed or under her fleecey blanket on my bed. we brought her out to meet everyone, but it was clear she preferred to enjoy the festivities from a safe distance.

i hope everyone enjoyed themselves - a few close friends from SCUL and other parts of life decorated cupcakes and sat around chatting. penelope got some dope gifts as well: hair clips to play with, a new leash and harness for the front porch, gourmet cat food, and an awesome new toy! overall, a lovely evening.

the set-upless chit-chat, more cupcakes!
me & the birthday girlthe set up

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Pandora said...

Happy birthday penalope!