so long flag store, hello state police!

so i ended my temp. worker career with hugs from all the folks at the flag store. i think that's a good sign. i am going to miss those guys quite a bit. it was a weird job, that i never would have expected liking, but at the end it was the best temp job i've had.

when i got my degree i promised jessamyn that i wouldn't marry a cop, and i promised jade that i wouldn't become a cop. i still vouch for these thing, but lets face it... this new job is skating pretty close to breaking my word.

in the mean time, i am spending this weekend getting ready. i chopped off four inches of hair for a more professional look, ordered a refill for my day planner, got the oil changed in the grannymobile, and i bought a smaller courier bag to appease my doctor and my back... oh, and i am accomplishing all of this after having thrown out my back on friday. i can't bend over and i am sucking down advil like candy.

tomorrow should be interesting!

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