it seems like a lot of death lately.

i don't know what it is about this year, but there have been so many deaths of bicyclists. i've personally known one - ariel / pigpen, and although she was not killed on her bike, that really affected me in a reality sense.

but in new york, and in boston (kirsten malone), cyclists seem to be on the receiving end of bodily harm more frequently. today, keith alexander died in NYC. no car was involved in his death.

that's the fifth or so death in recent memory - like, since january. and in those accidents where cars are involved, nobody has been charged. how does one hit a cyclist - literally run them over - and then continue on, not noticing. the police? "no charges have been filed". if a vehicle runs over a pedestrian, charges are filed - but if it's a bicyclist, it seems far less likely.

i've had a couple close calls this year: people just don't pay attention, they're too busy rushing around and talking on the cell. even in pedestrians i sense a "me first" mentality - screw the other guy, i'm in a rush and need to get where i'm going. is it people in general? i just feel like there is so much selfishness permeating our culture - maybe even the world. is there some way to combat this that we haven't yet discovered? what can be done? does anybody care?

i haven't been wearing a helmet like i should. i had one and lost it, but i'm buying another one this week. wear helmets. try to be safe. take care of yourself, and have consideration for others. these are things i need to remember.

so, RIP. you will all be missed.

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Anonymous said...

I was riding my bicycle on the bike path here in Nantucket the other day, and a road crosses over the path. There is a stop sign BEFORE the path for the automobiles. I was nearly creamed by a gigantic SUV which ran the stop sign at this intersection, and the guy yelled at me "watch where you're going a**h@@@!" I felt like saying "you're driving the car the size of a tuna boat, and I have to watch where I'm going?"

On the other hand, I drive home very late at night on the same bike path, with no street lights, etc. I almost never encounter anyone at this hour, when I get off work. However, another bicyclist and I nearly colided head on last night. Neither of us were mad at each other; we both stopped to make sure the other was OK and we both commented on how stupid it was for us to be driving without lights on our bikes in a rural area, with no moon in the sky.

In addition to the helmet, the light must be next for me.


Pandora said...

This post made me cry yesterday. They sound like such wonderful, interesting, vivacious people. Kinda like you, rott. I hope you buy a helmet soon:(