it's official...

yup, folks, it's finally official. starting on Monday, August 1st, i will have a new job. a real job. a job with benefits. a job with *state* benefits no less.

in all honesty, this last week it really started looking like it wasn't going to happen. the background check, done by the state police, was the most intensive i have ever been through. one would have thought i was interviewing for the CIA, or the DEA, or some job that required a gun. but no, for a mid-level administrative job, they noodled all the way back to my teenage years to find any indiscretions. when they did find them, and they did, they grilled me unmercifully. it was a little like being interrogated for a heinous crime. it left me feeling attacked and defensive and yet totally unapologetic. it left me feeling like they could take this job and shove it.

but i calmed down. and i remembered all the reasons i wanted this job in the first place. and i got over it.

i am still a little trepidacious about the whole thing. i am moving into one of the most conservative factions of state government. i will have to stop cursing mitt romney and start keeping a lot of my opinions to myself. for a while at least ;)

thanks to all who gave me support during my very very long unemployment.

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Pandora said...


(but...won't you miss the flag store? By the way, my neighbor has a flag out, and I swear it's missing a stripe. To whom do I complain about this? Police? FBI? Moral Majority? Will he get the death penalty?)