photos finally

here she is, in all her garish glory!
driver's side
if you look closely, you can see down my shirt cute *and* safe!
if you look closely you can see down my shirt. heh.
baby got back

that's all i've done so far. it's only a bit more than before, but i've definitely attracted quite a bit more attention driving around. aiden and liam saw my car for the first time yesterday while i visited them in VT. liam gasped and exclaimed, 'whoa! there's a cooooool car parked in our driveway!' they both looked at me with awe and respect when i told them it was mine. that's when i realized that my car really *is* beautiful. it just took seeing it through 3- and 7-year old eyes for me to get it :)


fuggy said...

So cool!! I was worried it would look a little like Master Shake in the plastic surgery episode of ATHF.

Thanks also for posting that, so certain disturbing imagery is sent a bit closer to the bottom of this page.

wonder_girl said...

Shayne, that is so beautiful!!!!

I love the swirl around the doorhandle........

Pandora said...

I LOVE it!!