alright... the squeamish win!

it appears as though most people were not enamored of the eyeball shots. so, in order to not alienate the loyal readers of the casa blog (yeah, all six of you!) i decided to change them to a click-through. who knew y'all were so delicate?

actually, it's probably me who is beyond the bell curve on this one. with the exception of bugs and the dentist, i am not particularly squeamish. i grew up in the country where i was constantly stepping on rusty nails, where my sister got attacked my a rooster, where the cat used to make daily presents of mouse innards, and where many of the old farmers still gave themselves stitches at home. i think it's one of the things that made me a good crisis counselor... this stuff (for the most part) doesn't bother me. and lets face it... you can't be the one-armed/one-eyed/nine-toed bandit without being just a little bit fascinated with your own injuries.

and in case you feel the urge to cross the street if you see me coming down the sidewalk... don't bother. i'll have you know that my eye looks much better now.


CUSH said...

I'm still crossing the street if I see you walking down it.

Pandoras_Box said...

Hey, I liked the eyeball pictures. Like I said, I am OK with most things not involving pus. But if it was me, I think I would have worn an eye patch, just because I'd have an excuse. Plus then I could say "Arrrrrr" and "avast ye landlubbers" a lot.

Pandora said...

That reminds me, Sept 19 is Talk Like a Pirate day.