R. I. P. Grannymobile.

well, i did the deed. i signed the DNR on the grannymobile. there will be no heroic last minute measures. no forced intake of fluids. no jolts with the zapping paddles. no life support. i brought her home and will let her die in peace in her sleep, the way she i believe she always wanted it.

i brought her in over the weekend, as she didn't sound too good. she had a little cough and sputter, and was having trouble getting around. they looked at her, found out that she had bled out internally, and used some fancy tracing dye to find the culprit. it was worse than we though -- multiple organ failure. problems with the intake manifold and the valve cover gaskets. i could save her, but frankly, the cost was too high, and i don't think she would want me to do it. she has lived a good life.

so now i am driving around in a dippy, rented, chevy aveo. i feel a little guilty enjoying it's cheap american pep. the fact that it starts. and it's defroster works. and it's ceiling isn't resting on my head. and it will, i am guessing, get more than 14 miles to the gallon.

i guess it's time for me to grow up a little, and get a grown up car.

so long grannymobile. thanks for everything along the way.


wonder_girl said...

**sheds tear**

fuggy-nli said...

my sediments exactly!

*sobs* poor granny m...

CUSH said...

you so want to be part of the Honda Gang I know you do.

fugwash said...

no! everybody should come join my Korean gang of Hyundai enthusiasts!

Gouda said...

Go with a Honda....They may not be the ~sexiest~ cars in the world, but one never goes wrong with little Japanese cars.

Rob_Gordon said...

that's terribly sad. it's amazing how much a car can become "part of the family"

even though my altima would be jealous if it knew, I miss my old VW Golf with the 276,000 miles.


bandit said...

i am indeed going to go with a honda. hopefully a little honda civic, older, with some miles on it, but not too old, and not too many miles.

and even though swissy wants me to go with a crappy dx, so we can form a little "DX'ers" gang, i am going to hgold out for an EX or an LX.

**crosses fingers**

banky said...

Goodbye, Grannymobile.

(Dammit, blogger will not let me use the img tag to post this picture!)