a note from kitty. p.

fucj yeah! metal and spencer moody (murder city devils, dead low tide). holy christ...i love spencer moody, who sings songs about how the world needs to have softer edges. i agree with him, and would like to offer him the option of having babies with me.

edit: ok, in a more sober light, the babies option is off the table. but still - really good show.


Gouda said...

Oh, man....I'm always a day late, a dollar short.

kathryn said...


Gouda said...

Ummm...nope I'm not Spencer Moody. I was as equally inebriated when I read your post, and I misread it. Sorry if I disapointed ya. If Terra Naomi left a note for me on my blog, I think I would gasp as well. Sorry I got your hopes up.

However, I'd love to go for a bike ride with you sometime.