it would make it easier to call home

if i didn't catch so much hell for not calling more frequently.
it's my dad's birthday, and i just got an email from mom because i flaked on calling her saturday.
i have to call, because it's his birthday. i don't want to. i will probably have to hear it from mom. but i have to.
i made him brownies, my sister made him cookies, and we got them to him for his birthday.
and mom is clearly pissed because i didn't call her, and i don't want to deal with this.
ok. go-time.

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Pandora said...

Heh. My dad emailed yesterday morning to ask if they could call me last night. He didn't really have much to say when they called, and I couldn't figure out why he had made such a big deal about announcing it ahead of time. Then I happened to catch sight of the calendar after I said goodbye--Sunday was his birthday. D'oh! (I hadn't forgotten it, I just didn't know what day of the month it was.)
My mom told me my little sister made a point of the fact that *she* was the first to call. Oy!