Okay, NOW i have reached the new pinnacle of geekdom!

can you smell the excitement in the air, folks? do you know that that is? it's been all over the news. it's going to be epic. it's the midnight launch of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade! and because i clearly decided about three months ago that dignity was over-rated, here' what i've done. shayne and i were both in for the night, plunked down on the couch. i had a long day at work. shayne had just taken a shower and hadn't dried her hair yet. but on a moments notice we ran down to the car and burned rubber over to the Ghetto Glen Mall where we put down $5.00 to reserve our copy of the new Warcraft.

but that's not the worst part.

the worst part.... the shameful part... or what *would* be shameful if i had any shame left... is that i will be getting back into the car later tonight. shayne, big daddy, and i will be doing the midnight run to EB Games to get our copy of the new game the minute it's released.

whispers: heh

ghetto glen


Liz said...

This is worse than that time you got the CB craze. I still remember your handle....

banky said...

Me & my Big Box O' Star Wars Toys bow before you.

alex said...

D@rk ROXOR!!!! Remember when you people would mock me and my video game playing? Well congratulations, you are now the masters.