the case of the puzzling pizza!

that's right junior super sleuths -- we need *your* help to solve this crime! you might think you're not ready for field work, but i say that all your training has MADE you ready. get out there, hit the streets, and figure out what the heck is going on!

it's like this. many of you have heard out piteous laments about the burning down of Urban Gourmet, our favorite pizza joint. what we didn't mention is that Urban Gourmet was under new management when it burned. we are not sure where Jen and Rich went when they sold Urban to the owner of Soundbites (another fine Somerville establishment), but they wandered off into the sunset.

recently, a new menu was left in our mailbox (thanks Swissy!) for City Slicker Cafe. the offerings were eerily similar to our beloved Urban Gourmet. who else makes a shrimp and bacon pie, fer christsake? we were told that Jen and Rich were running the joint.

shayne immediately called in an order, and questioned the man who answered the phone there. what ensued was the most confusing ten minutes ever shared. it seems a simple thing, right? to find out who the owners are? nope. this dude wasn't going to tell us. no way. no how. he talked circles around shayne until she gave up in vexation.

"TO THE INTERNET!" we roared. there were numerous references on ChowHound, but they had all been deleted. in fact, there were no references to the new City Slicker that hadn't been deleted. City Slicker's own website isn't live either, even though it's mentioned prominently on their menu. there are no mentions anywhere.

so Junior Super Sleuths, we implore you... do any of you know the answer to this puzzling pizza pie?


scoutie said...

so we just ate a delicious dinner from the new city slicker cafe in somerville. for all you urban gourmet lovers - we're back in business!! the pizza is exactly the same (we got what used to be called the urban cowboy pie and is now the chicken club). we are still wondering exactly what's going on (why couldn't i get a straight answer when i called? why did all the threads from chowhound get pulled?), so your mission still stands - let's get to the bottom of this cafe caper!

banky said...

Yup, that's the former Urban Gourmet crew. linky.

banky said...

btw, what do I win?!

scoutie said...

you win a casa highland junior super sleuth badge of valor.

please stop by the casa within the next 30 days to pick up your prize.

thanks for solving the case banky :)

bandit said...

well the normal casa prize to these kind of contests is a dozen cookies. please name your favorite cookie and a drop off location.

however, in your case you also win an extra special sleuth prize -- an antique string tie with an unknown semi-busted stone on it. you're a lucky kid. it will be delivered to the same drop off location named above.