case: solved!

first of all thanks to loyal reader banky edwards for being the first to come up with definitive evidence proving that the owner/chef of the new city slicker cafe in somerville is in fact the orginal owner/chef of urban gourmet - you can check his work in the comments section of this post.

and in one of those weird and cosmic coincidences that the universe sometimes serves up, i had my very own personal confirmation of the connection this afternoon, when i ran into the owner/chef's wife (who i used to work with years ago at a local university). she confirmed that her husband just opened his new place on thursday and was glad to hear that some of us old customers had found our way to him so quickly :)

so for all of you urban gourmet lovers, get thee down to 588 somerville ave and pick up a menu! or just call them at (617) 625-0700 and order something (i highly recommend what used to be called the urban cowboy pie and is now dubbed the chicken club - white pizza with bacon, red onion and tomato.... ~drool~).


banky said...

Thank you all. I will be accepting my prize(s) on behalf of People Who Surf The Web All Day everywhere as soon as...well, I leave my apartment again. Which should be sometime after baseball season starts.

marshall said...

Omigod... they deliver to Cambridge, as we discovered tonight. The Chicken Club, FKA the Urban Cowboy, is a delight although it seemed to be missing the red onion tonight. This might be the beginning of a weekly order-in habit...

pekmez said...

dang, you folks are fast.

Drove down Somerville ave recently, noticed sign that looked like a new pizza place.

Husband noticed same sign and pointed out that it said "gourmet comfort food" - ooh!

Hunted down menu on the web. Didn't look like gourmet comfort food, but did look strangely similar to Urban Gourmet's menu.

One more web search and I found you guys who have already confirmed that it's the original owners of Urban Gourmet. And some new pizza topping combinations, too! Yum.

Now I just need my fix of their main dishes and vegetable sides, which were rather convenient when you wanted basic meat-and-vegetables food but didn't want to cook it.