happy happy kids...

merry christmas, all that good stuff. it was 80 degrees in LA yesterday, and my sister and i cruised through hollywood and gorged ourselves on pink's bacon-chili-cheese dogs and nacho-chili-cheese fries. totally disgusting but absolutely delicious. and we only do it once a year, so whatev! i am, however, overeating. i know that happens during the holidays but me being here with my mother makes it worse.

things with mom have been going fine. we're not best friends or anything, but i've been good about ignoring the nagging as best i can. we've spent a lot of time cooking in the kitchen (sugar cookies, baklava, spicy stew, saffron orzo, coffee cake, two batches of icing, a layer cake, salad, steak tips, gouda mashed potatoes, broccoli, yule trixies, pork loin, spinach artichoke dip, steamed veggies, more mashed potatoes, asparagus, and devilled eggs), which makes her happy. she just talks and talks and i just cook and cook and we're perfectly fine with that. and i'm enjoying spending time with my dad. yesterday i was laying on the diving board by the pool in my flannel pj's and was wicked hot - god i miss the sunshine.

i love it dearly, but i completely loathe this city...i miss the casa and the 'lope and the kate and the shayne. i can't wait to get home!


Gouda said...


So nice to hear from you today. It had been a while...I figured you had unplugged from your digital life. Little did I realize you were enjoying the healing effects of sunlight in Cali. It's the worst kind of Northeast weather here: just a few degrees over freezing and pouring rain.

A common ground is a nice place to be with a parent. Although, I would be so worried that she might mention la Ray's name in the kitchen.

bandit said...

yule trixies...?!? dude, don't forget, that cat is often covered with poo ;)

glad you are getting through the holidays, sweetie. the penal-ope is doing well, but she misses you.

so do shayne and i!!

scoutie said...

miss you, too

i'll give the 'lope big hugs from you tonight :)

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