one year ago...

i was lobbing lemon wedges up into the gutter trying to dislodge the pigeon squatters that had moved into my gutter. after taking out a generation of pigeons-to-be with a broom, they finally began viewing me as their natural predator, and they wisely moved on.

their damn cooing was driving me insane.

and now i have found something evening more annoying than the maniacal sighing of a nesting bird -- squirrels. in particular, clumsy squirrels, tripping and falling and generallry galumphing through the walls. it sounds like we are under attack.

now, i am a pro at getting rid of pesty varmints. i got out my trusty broom, and started whacking the walls.

so far, all i managed to do is disrupt some dust bunnies.


scoutie said...

dust bunnies != varmints

just so we're clear

bandit said...

dude, just so we're clear -- you just totally geeked out. in public no less. i am so embarassed for you.