casa highland gets in on the action...

so kathryn came home from her college reunion yesterday all tired and possibly (heck, probably!) hung over. she was just in time to watch the parade go by. the arts council had made a special float, which she helped put together. i was of the mistaken idea that she would actually be *in* the parade, but apparently this was not to be.

until shayne and i started instigating.

and nagging.

and cajoling.

and *inspiring*.

so up the street she ran, where she hopped on the float, and rode it down. throwing out old expired art beat dog tags to the adoring crowd. making art for freedom.

arts council


kathryn said...

aww, and i'm so glad i did. it was so much fun to wave and smile at people and say hi to kids and toss them dogtags. so funny - they were a total hit!
i should say that i only made the signs, other folks pulled it all together that morning. ;-)

MDG said...

sorry I missed it. I was unavoidable doing something else that involved guests from out of town and kelly's in revere.