the hilarity gets us every time...

so it's time for a new bulletted list, which has it's genesis in the personal shame i feel for having let the casa blog lapse. what can i say? i fell victim to too much hilarity.

kathryn had a nasty accident on her bike, which resulted in a casa family field trip to the ER. shayne and i went along, since any chance to play doctor is a good one in our book. pics from the visit (yes, i brought my camera just so i could blog about it) can be found here.

* shayne and i discovered a new way to amuse ourselves a few weekends ago. i decided that it was my mission to find shayne a new boyfriend. so i posted a personal ad for her on CL. i thought it was a witty ad, and apparently many men agreed with me. shayne got me back by writing a personal ad for me. over 50 responses in 24 hours poured into my new email account datemyroomie@gmail.com. we spent the weekend fielding emails for each other and corresponding with some great men. no dates came out of it, but it was probably a step in the right direction for both of us. if you care to read the ad that i posted for her, please check the comments section.

* and finally we celebrated easter in high style with a pub crawl that started at the thirsty scholar and ended in a hot tub on the cape. i am not sure how these things happen.

too much hilarity has resulted in both shayne and i being sick and lying around the living room moaning "i don't feel so good" to each other. it's the casa family motto, and we wear our coat of arms proudly.


bandit said...

Help get me out of the dog house!!

A few years ago, I set my roommate up with a great guy. They hit it off, started dating, and I felt like a pretty good friend. Unfortunately, it didn't work out, and the whole thing came crashing down like a house of cards. Now she's threatening to make me sleep in the basement unless I find her a new guy.

Actually, she doesn't really want a new guy. And she doesn't like that I am doing this. She's glaring at me as I type this. But I have some bad karma to work off, and I have to make things right. I messed up the last one, so please please please help me make it better. And frankly, I need her to get out of the house a little more.

Sure, she could meet people on her own. But she's probably won't. So it's up to me to find her a fella who's worth her time. She's a catch, too. Pretty enough to get whistled at on the street. Smart enough to glare back. She's sarcastic and feisty and funny and weird in a basically endearing way. She's 25, well read, clean (well, not on lazy Sunday mornings, but I think getting out of bed first thing on those days and jumping in the shower is just nutso), cooks, makes a funny little snorting sound when she laughs, likes wine, video games, the red sox, chocolate, soft underwear, and penguins.

So here's what I am looking for, for her. I think she'd do well with a guy a little older. Young guys aren't an automatic no, but she's an old lady in a young girl body. Tall would be prefereable. She's tall. And leggy. I am not sure if she's "athletic", we've been arguing about this all night. She works out, but she's not a psycho about it. You must be smart. If you are going to be hanging around our house, I would like to be able to converse with you while she's out of the room. Clean is preferable. Casual is preferable. Sense of humor is a must. If you like books, that's a plus. If you love books, that's an even bigger plus.

She's got some college loans, so buying her dinner might be the way to her heart.

Think you're cool enough to date my roommate? Please send a reply (pics preferred, cock shots will be laughed about and posted on the internet) with the top five things you have to offer my roommate. All reasonable responses will be forwarded to her.

bandit said...

and here's what she wrote for me:

please get my roommate out of the house

my roommate is a charming, beautiful woman. unfortunately, she's also annoying the hell out of me with her rousing renditions of sea shanties and pat benetar songs. okay, i actually do like the pat benetar, especially when she belts out "invincible" at the top of her lungs.

she has an awesome job working for the fuzz in a civilian position. just recently she got to hold a rocket launcher. thankfully it wasn't loaded because she also manages to get injured in the weirdest ways imaginable. you should be willing and able to accompany her to the ER on a moment's notice. luckily she's also funny and smart so even trips to the hospital are entertaining.

she's a great cook and bakes some of the best pies i've ever eaten. she's short, curvy and busty, with stunning blue eyes and an infectious laugh. she's craftsy and artistic and sweet, and i'd rather spend time with her than most anyone else because she often makes me laugh until my stomach hurts (although sometimes this is unintentional - just recently i discovered that her mouth twitches uncontrollably when she cooks certain things. adorable!).

she likes pina coladas, getting caught in the rain... actually she doesn't drink, but probably will serenade you with this rupert holmes classic. she reads everything, from nonfiction books about forensics to neal stephenson's 'cryptonomicon' to graphic novels like 'the adventures of barry ween: boy genius." she loves teen movies from the 80's and has taken it upon herself to introduce me to some of the seminal films from the decade. thanks to her i've seen wilem dafoe in nipple-high plastic pants.

i think it's pretty clear that i think the world of this woman and i'm just trying to help her find someone who appreciates her for the amazing person she is. also, i'm sick of watching 80's movies - please save me before she makes me watch "red dawn" or "soul man" with the illustrious c. thomas howell!!

sara said...

lordy, those make me want to date the both of you! however, as kathryn's newly married friend, I probably shouldn't. but I'll ask the hubby just in case...
and btw, the link to the ER pictures is broken. and I want to see how messed up kat is!

bandit said...

broken link is fixed now. thanks for letting me know!

Duffless said...

thats all nice and stuff, but where are the cock shots?

Anonymous said...

Kate short? In what world? Or does she just wear platform shoes all the time and I didnt notice?

Anonymous said...

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bandit said...

no. really. i am short. five foot three and a half inches. i think i seems taller because i'm loud.

MDG said...

I thought the list would include we found a new past time annoying the crap out of marc by texting, and emailing and myspacing and calling him. constantly.

Cope said...

Damn, I got competition =(

scoutie said...

don't be silly marc. it's fun annoying you but not fun enouogh to make our list!