birthdays and rocket launchers

so i turned 35 on thursday, or as Marc put it... i've made it way past Jesus age now. the whole thing was a lot of fun, and i find that i am not one of those neurotic people who gets mopey about getting older. i got two stuffed llamas from a guy i work with, which was sweet. a gift certificate to dunkin donuts for many cups of coffee, and various cards from the women i work with. got to chat with many friends and family and field a plethora of emails. the whole thing made me feel quite loved.

scoutie not only took me out for sushi (okay, we actually ate sushi in our jammies on the couch in the casa), and bought me flowers, but she made me a tower of home-made whoopie pies. she remembered that i had mentioned it three months ago as what i wanted for my birthday. i, of course, had totally forgotten this. man, you haven't had a sweet desert unless you've had a fresh baked whoopie pie.

friday i went out for drinks with some close friends. i find that my birthday is a great excuse for my friends to get hammered. this time the evening wound up with all of us in underbones in various arm-wrestling matches. the one-armed-bandit wisely decided to take pics instead of wrestling. i like to think i get smarter as i get older.

and to end up a good week, my staff and i got to spend some time hanging out with the guys from the ballistics department. i feel like my job at the crime lab is finally paying off... since they let me hold a rocket launcher! there are not many jobs one can get and play with a rocket launcher, short of being in the army or being a terrorist. and let's face it, those two occupations seem to come with "don't ask, don't tell" policies that make me uncomfortable.

so it's been a good week. many thanks to all who played a part in it.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kate! Hope you had a great one!