weekend round up (from last weekend)

i have been trying to be better about updating the blog. so i am going to at least catch up on last weekend. maybe later i will do this weekend. i make no promises.

after an incredibly stressful week at work, and the promise of an even more stressful one the next week, i decided to split town. shayne and i went up to VT to visit our respective sisters.

catholic churchi started the trip by going to a turkey supper at the catholic church. they needed a new roof, so for $8.00 i got a full dinner and some interesting conversation. the guy next to me scared the pants off of me by wanting to talk about the Pope. i felt edgy enough about being in a catholic church, the last thing i wanted to do was get into a theologic conversation. it turns out that the dude wanted to bash on the Pope for being a nazi youth. boy, was i relieved.

the rest of the weekend was spent eating, and walking, and futzing. my sister figured out a nifty little cellphone hack so that i could create my own ringtone. now, when my phone rings, it plays Lonesome Magic Vice Harvest (aka -- the music from that Geico commercial). it makes me happy every time it happens. i got to see the school my sister swims out, and the legal clinic where greg works. and i got to pick up some of my favorite VT doughnuts and other assorted junk at the dented can store.

i returned much rested and ready to face the chaos at work.


Duffless said...

Dented can store? Please explain!!!

bandit said...

the dented can store is where old weird food goes to die. it is a mix of products that didn't quite make it on the consumer market (such as "Frothee -- all purpose creamy head for cocktails!"), packages that were damaged, food with the wrong labels, etc. on a recent trip they had a jar of sesame seeds, only that was crossed out in permanent marker, and what was actually in the jar was a mysterious green herb. most things cost a dollar or less. and they always seem to have a stock of leftover stale peeps.

Pandora said...

I'm glad you had such a nice weekend! You'll have to show me that phone hack. My phone has no interesting ring tones.

I hope this coming week goes smoothly!

wonder girl and I were saying last night that we need more bandit time.