a few lists.

things i like about vermont
  • trees, streams, lakes and clouds
  • filmmakers
  • white river junction
  • what feels like the space to be outdoors and creative
  • green things in the summer, white things in the winter
  • small towns and cats

things i would like to do
  • go to grad school at NYU and study visual culture
  • get a new rear wheel for my bike with a new hub
  • rake & mulch my garden. i know, i know...i'm running behind. done! 01.22.06
  • take up handset letterpress again
  • mo.ti.vate.!

things i have done recently
  • gone to philly for new year's with the ladies
  • lost and found my wallet - thanks officer nieves. and, if you ever want to did the do, you know who to call.
  • had a friend over for dinner
  • gone to a friend's for dinner
  • cried twice
  • gotten pretty hammered a few times
  • driven to vermont and back

i have no pictures i really feel like sharing. but hopefully there will be some visuals soon.
oh, and one thing i would love to see more of: cute butchy-dykes on home improvement shows. ai yi yi...hot.


Pandora said...

That's so great that you found your wallet!

MDG said...

what exactly is "want to did the do"

do i want to know?

kathryn said...

dude, if you don't already know, you should have a nice talk with papa CUSH and ask him about the birds & the bees.

Gouda said...

There's some inside joke there that I am missing, so I won't even bother trying to think up something witty to say.

Philly is such a fun town. It reminds me of Boston, although it seems to close up shop much earlier in the night.