i gots the crazy eyes...

so i was emailing a friend the other day, and happened to list all the places on my body that have scars. the list included: surgical scars on my breast, arm, wrist, and belly, as well as injury scars on my hands, arms, legs, ass, belly, back, and chin.

i can now add something new to the list -- my eyes.

a routine trip to the eye doctor resulted in me learning that my eyeballs are scarred.

those of you who know me, will not be surprised. for example, i have temporarily blinded myself twice (once with laundry detergent and once with paint) and given myself paper cuts on my eyeballs twice. twice! apparently this has all had a little wear and tear on 'em.

what this meant was that when they did my exam, they were extra careful to use the super-duper dilators on my creaky old eyeballs. and i walked around all day with the crazy eyes!

big pupils

good news -- my eyesight is apparently getting better. huzzah! way to go little scarred eyeballs! keep up the good work!!


Liz said...

Now THAT is a scary picture!

MAVERICK said...

Well I've got scars on my eye asswell (yeah extra s in there) but it ain't no thang. What I'm worried about are scars on the brain...being electrocuted to the point of "blacking out" can't be good.

Tony said...

I think I recognize those "Crazy Eyes"
Hello old friend.

Tony D.

bandit said...

um, tony d.? who the heck are you?

Tony said...

I'm sorry, I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident.
You bear an Uncanny resemblance to a "Kate" I once knew. About 17 years ago. and all of your friends have the same names and appearance. Quite unusual. If nothing else, your blog sent me on an unexpected trip into the memories of a long distant past for me.
Sorry for any confusion.

Tony Donatelli

bandit said...


hi. it is me :)

your profile is blocked. shoot me an email at bandit @ gmail . com when you get a chance!