unordered update with several postscripts

  • i took the GREs. not great scores but perfectly serviceable. hopefully they'll get me in to the grad programs i'm looking at: UNC Chapel Hill, University of Washington, University of Denver, University of Syracuse, and the University of Illinois
  • the fall semester has begun. i am a senior. huzzah!
  • i received a letter telling me that i've been "nominated by the Simmons College Faculty to be a member of Academy. Academy is the honor society of the undergraduate college." apparently my gpa places me in the 94th percentile of the class of 2007. of course my first thought was, 'dammit. i knew those 2 A-'s would come back to bite me in the ass... i should be in the 99th percentile!!'
  • i've drastically cut back on hours at JP Licks and i'm happy as a clam at high tide working for the digital librarian at a private economic consulting company downtown. i scan and index documents and have plenty of time to do homework (or screw around on the internet, whichever comes first)

so that's my life in a nutshell. or bulleted list, as it were.

p.s. you're all welcome to attend the honors convocation at 2:30pm 9/13 at Simmons, where i will be awarded the Academy Scroll and pin.
it's going to be ever so much fun.

p.p.s. the above postscript is entirely sarcastic. if i see anyone i know there i will bash you with my scroll and stick you with my pin. if you don't believe me i'm sure i can supply several references attesting to my violent and agressive nature.


Anonymous said...

if you head to UNC-CH for a visit, tell kathryn to give you my contact info. a friend of hers is a friend of mine, and I'll be happy to show you around or whatever you might need.
-sara, in durham

marshall said...

Hi Shayne--

We'll see you at the Academy ceremony!

scoutie said...

i definitely will - thanks :)

and marshall... i'll have to bop you on the head with my scroll twice and stick you twice with my pin because i can't in good conscience do those things to my pregnant sister. just so you know.

marshall said...

Hey, anything to get this baby to come...

kathryn said...

our girl shayne is wicked smaaaaht!

Pandora said...

I remember crying over my first A-. I ended up with 5, though. Your GPA is kicking my GPA's ass!

Pandora said...

PS UW is awesome! And if you go there I will definitely visit you! :D