on the mend...

so i have been sick as a dog this week. i was doing fine until tuesday evening, when i was horribly stricken with something mean. my fever didn't get below 102 until thursday morning, and at it's peak it reached 104. as an adult, fevers that high are rare, and i think it cooked my brain a little. now i am just left with a garden variety cold, and the feeling that my body is recuperating from a long illness. i lost five pounds and let the cats fend for themselves while shayne was gone. now that i am mostly better, i spent a chunk of the morning cleaning up cat poo. i think they managed to get every room in the house.

Happy bday momin the midst of this, my mom had a birthday. while last year my sister orchestrated a great little flickr project... this year the best i could do was a weak little phone call in the morning. it might not have been the most exuberant birthday greeting, but my mom knows i love her and that she is often in my thoughts. happy belated birthday mom!

on a random side note -- i am getting very interested in how unknown strangers find the blog. this is such a little personal account of life at the casa, that they must find it strange. so, for the first half of the month of march, here is a partial list of google image searches that have brought folks to the blog:
  • nekkid
  • tasty deserts
  • naked kate
  • letterpress printing
  • blondie brownies
  • nice house on the beach
  • dancing chicken
  • franklin, tennessee
  • barn smell
  • see down her shirt
  • gardening hat
  • marinating
  • jesus sculpture
  • penelope pumpkins
i think this shows that, if nothing else, this blog is an eclectic mix. and that the casa must be a damn interesting place to live...


Liz said...

Barn smell? I don't remember that one.

kathryn said...

i think it might have been from when i went to becky's equestrian event.